We guarantee professionalism, effectiveness, efficiency and total confidentiality. We work with anonymous client.
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Geographically the activities of the Detective Agency "Private detective Kiev" is not limited to the city of Kiev and the region. Our team of professionals working across Ukraine, CIS countries, as well as in virtually all countries abroad. Our agency is a member of the International Police Association (IPA - IPA).

Such close ties with foreign professionals, the most successful detectives allows remote way to solve complex problems of our clients. When the need arises Agency staff go abroad for solving a practical problem.

В Агентстве «Частный детектив Запорожье» работают специалисты самого высокого класса, в числе которых  детективы, криминалисты, эксперты самых разных направлений, юристы, психологи, графологи, почерковеды.

They make all their knowledge, skills and experience to solve complex problems people have turned to us to find the correct way of solving the most complex problems. In addition, this task can be pre-empt dangerous situations, establish control, information security, gathering information about potential business partners, the search for missing relatives or heirs, and much more. We have sufficient capacity and technical support for solving the most intricate problems.

Ensuring the safety of its customers, a guarantee of confidentiality, trust - these are based on these principles, our relationships with people have addressed the Agency. After all, sometimes it comes to very personal issues, family secrets. This may include relationships within a given family, among relatives, people from the client's inner circle (including housekeepers, governesses, guards, etc.), whose behavior can be potentially dangerous. Availability of reliable information can forestall abuse of various kinds. Turning to our agency, a person can be completely confident in the professionalism, honesty and integrity of our employees. The client can be quiet about what we will do everything to protect its interests and to help in various situations.

Мы оказываем помощь по самому широкому спектру проблем.

We provide assistance on a wide range of problems. Most often it is the business issues of security: verification of partners and staff activities for the preservation of property, maintenance of goods and individuals, advocacy and representation in the arbitration, ensuring privacy and other important aspects of the life of a citizen. We can help in the most sensitive issues: the social circle of your children and relatives to protect them from abuse and criminal acquaintances, biographical facts of a potential bride (the bride), protection from fraud and marriage scams. But the activities of employees are within the law and in cooperation with law enforcement.

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