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Vasilevka gladly accepted our presence in the city. Among the townspeople private detective has long ceased to be a representative of an exotic profession , becoming an assistant and advisor in many situations squeamish . Since then, as in the works Vasilevka our detective agency , breathing became calmer as citizens and law enforcement agencies . The scope of services offered detective agency " Private detective Kiev" is really extensive. This assistance in criminal matters, and legal advice and assistance in dealing with issues of a personal nature .

Search of people

We can help you get on the trail as a missing person, and the person with whom you have previously lost contact. In addition, we organize the search for relatives with whom communication was not established . What happens is that clients look to us to find someone , having a minimum of data. Our experts will help you find a person by phone number , to establish a valid address on the phone. In general , the characteristics of the person's phone can give off. After all, today Database phone numbers of people you can easily find a person by phone number in Vasilevka and beyond.

In addition , we have a separate database , which makes it possible to search for people by name. Note that to find the real person by the name , but the situation may be complicated by a huge number of namesakes . At the same time, experienced spies , even placing the most scarce data , are able to establish its footprint .

The collection of information Vasilevka

We will help you to collect data about a person who for some reason are interested client. It can be as personal or biographical information as well as residential address , kinship, and other information .

Lie detector in Vasilevka

Today, such a device is available for residents. Checking the polygraph is probably one of the surest ways to determine whether a person speaks the truth. You just need to get his consent .

Photo and video surveillance

This service is most needed today . It has established itself high productivity and the ability to produce compelling photo or video evidence of certain misdemeanors man who denounced during the surveillance. Surveillance can be set to define the way of life for children , violators of labor discipline, the extortionists . Other than that used secret surveillance of the man , the wife , husband . Over the phone the right person , in certain cases , too, can be traced for incoming or outgoing calls.


For entrepreneurs Vasilievka is highly relevant service . After all sorts of bugs to gain information often use competitors . Just checking the premises to identify the listening device makes it possible to ensure that sensitive information will not be known competitor. Our experts will find and remove the bug in the short term , providing search . Detect wiretapping cell phones also not a problem in Vasilevka .

Identification of infidelity of a spouse

Note that adultery is a common phenomenon these days. Experts say that often provokes a divorce cheating women or men . Indeed, today it can sin as husband and wife . Treason husband or wife can be detected with the help of our specialists. We not only help to determine changes to your partner , but also documented fix the fact of change . If your loved one has a lover or a mistress , then we are guaranteed to install it .

Instead of shadowing can be applied test of loyalty . This method will examine whether there is blood in the human capacity for treachery.

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