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A.Mestres "ARMERIA MESTRES, Carrer Balco de les Clotes, 13, 08720 Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona, Spain

I started to request the services of this detective company to invest in various legal issues of my country, since I am a foreigner, I have absolutely no knowledge of the laws and regulations of Ukraine. The treatment and service were very pleasant and effective, they informed me correctly about everything I asked them to research.
I recommend this company to anyone who has questions that require investigation, who is professional and does their job with real efficiency.
Thank you for your attitude and kindness. I began to request the services of this detective company so that they could invest me in various legal issues of their country, being a foreigner, I completely ignore the laws and regulations of Ukraine. The treatment and service were very pleasant and effective, they informed me correctly about everything I asked them to research. I recommend this company to anyone who has questions that require investigation, who is professional and does their job with real efficiency.
Thank you for your attitude and kindness.

+34938180138 , armeriamestres@hotmail.com 
Krylova Daria Sergeevna

Thank you so much! They helped me solve the problem and talk to violent neighbors. We arrived at a convenient time for me, listened to what the problem was. They reassured me, suggested how to behave in this situation, and went with me to talk to these guys. They behaved very professionally. I myself could not have achieved such results - no one would listen to a fragile girl. And the agency's employees really know how to find an approach to problem personnel so that the problem is resolved effectively and without further escalating the conflict. It is felt that they have experience in resolving such situations.
Zaporozhye, +380990732558 , krylova1daria@gmail.com

Sidenko Tatiana

I applied for the first time in February 2021. Among many companies, I intuitively settled on this one and was not mistaken! I checked the decency of a potential business partner. thank you from the bottom of my heart)
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100037470365699 , +380955619944 ,  777tl@i.ua , Zaporozhye
Taras Bondarchuk

I needed to find a person about whom I only knew his name. Communication with the performer is almost instantaneous. We discussed my need very delicately. We immediately agreed on the cost of the service. The search took even less time than originally agreed! It seems that I paid longer than waiting for the result) In the end, everyone was satisfied, both the customer and the contractor and even the one they were looking for)) Thank you! I definitely recommend it.
Moscow, https://vk.com/id896318 , +79152041970 , 79152041970@yandex.ru
Kare Mikal Gundersen (Oslo, Norway)
Thank you very much for the good cooperation, it was a pleasure to work with you for a good and quick solution Thank you again for the result GOOD WORK!
+4795226367 , kamgu@online.no , www.facebook.com/kare.m.gundersen , https://twitter.com/KareMikal , www.instagram.com/karegundersen_____kaamic__/

Roman Klages, Dublin, Ireland

I needed help finding my Ukrainian father, and I turned to this agency. They helped quickly and found out a lot of details. It turns out that my father, unfortunately, is dead, but it seems there are relatives. Looking forward to meeting a family I never knew. These guys are professional and very helpful.

+353834602020 , keys2202@gmail.com , www.linkedin.com/in/roman-romano-klages-606505b1

Yaskiv Ivan Ivanovich

I turned to the employees of the detective agency "Private detective Zaporozhye" with a tort question. We decided everything quickly and efficiently. I am very grateful and recommend working with the guys if you have a problem that requires the participation of private detectives.



I am very grateful to the agency staff for their high professionalism, as well as for the correctness, delicacy and creativity in solving a rather difficult task in a very short time. Turning to the agency, I practically did not believe in a real opportunity to find a person with a minimum set of source data: name and date of birth after a quarter century of oblivion. Now I am convinced that there are practically no hopeless situations and insoluble problems for this agency.

Thank you so much and may good luck accompany you. +380663906794 , svet.vit@hotmail.com


Hello! I want to thank you for your help in my question in the person of V.A. A very competent approach and the result is obtained.

E-mail: fakel.verb@gmail.com

Trofimova Natalya Sergeevna

I turned to a detective agency in Zaporozhye with a rather personal question. I am grateful to the experts for deciding quickly and showing maximum tact, while maintaining complete confidentiality. Tel.: +380500110321 , sabon@i.ua , www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004634317914


For the first time asked for help from a detective agentstvo.vopros was very VAZhNYY..nuzhno to find and save the man's life ........ POLICE Zaporozhye not help full-FROST and indifference, and the time I just did not have, it was a question of life of a loved one, which had to find and rescue !!!! ........... please contact your agency, very grateful to your employees to participate in this case, personally Vladimir !!! ....... received information from me, quickly assess the situation and develop an operational plan ........ for a few hours and found the man and saved his life. A true professional. Honestly, not ozhidal.chto in your town working professionals such level ......... ORG Many thanks to all who participated in this fact, with respect, gratitude citizen


Hello! Detective Agency "Private detective Zaporozhye" gave me good advice on my question. The problem is not yet solved, but much headway. Such an individual approach to each client only needs to look. My previous comment please consider invalid.


I express my deep gratitude to Detective Agency - Zaporozhye! Just a few hours after treatment in the agency was found stolen mobile phone as well as suspects.


He did not believe that Western forms and methods of work finally reached such a reserve, as our Zaporozhye. My resolve the problem through a professional and competent work. Friendly attitude to citizens and, by the way, the cost of services seemed to me quite acceptable.


I was in a very annoying and stupid situation, but simply put - I cheated a girl, which I thought was in love. She tricked me lure a decent amount for treatment at the clinic, her brother abroad. She said that other relatives she does not. This agency has helped me find a Woman "dream", and return the most money. A brother of the patient, and she was not at all. So, thank you. And the other - let my case be a lesson.


Mne kazalos cho ne smogu reshit svoyu problemu. U menya ne bylo vseh nuzhnyh dokumentov na poluchenie nasledstva. No mne pomogli rebyata iz etogo agentstva. Bolshoe spasibo.

Family Tkachenko.

Thank you all. Do you have an excellent staff. You are my very, very grateful. Our family came to writing nasty insults and death threats. At times it was terrible for the children. But the staff quickly were able to calculate the destination - a distant relative. Envious and not "in itself" people. I want to thank you for your professionalism.


Thank you for the fact that I could not resist when you try to scam to cheat me. Internet fraud is really a filigree art than in real life. If it were not for your advice - I would have said goodbye to $ 10,000, for all the details of the site and the company were fake. Citizens, be careful on the net! And once again thank the staff, "Private Detective Kiev"

A grateful client

Thank you very much for your wonderful and unique agency! I never thought that your employees are having a little information about the person, you can accurately know its exact location. Thanks to your prompt action, I found my best friend a student pores, the relationship that I have lost two decades ago.


I have long suspected that my little woman appeared on one side, but could not determine who is this mysterious "hero" - a lover. I went to the agency "Private detective Zaporozhye," they carefully checked the surveillance of my ex-wife. I want to thank you for your help and have discovered the truth. I never would have thought it - my best friend in business. Now I have no supruzhitsy or friend of a traitor. But in the worst case I could have stayed even without a business, money and an apartment-villa.

A grateful client

I recently invested a large sum of money in one company. But just did not know a way to get a truthful and complete information about this company. I decided to contact the detective agency - accidentally found the information on the Internet. And it did. Information about the firm proved to be very true. Now I earn a very good friend and advise your staff of detectives. Thank you!

Family Pinchuk

Employees in the agency characterizes care and confidentiality. This is an indispensable quality when searching for solutions to family problems, especially related to raising children. Police seem to care not at all. It was possible to find out what it is questionable companies lost our son. I hope that with your help, and other parents will be able to solve similar problems.


While in office, I intuitively felt that I was listening. I decided to make sure that it's not an obsession or an inflammation of suspiciousness. After checking the office to wiretap, bug actually found, and not just anywhere, but the telephone. It is not known how much went to the left of confidential company information. Life went - without your services can not do. Thank you for your safety.

A grateful client

Thank you very much for your help in finding a stolen mobile phone. Previously, could not have imagined that it would be possible to do so quickly and efficiently!


I want to express my deep gratitude for the preservation of our family. You saved me from suspicions of infidelity of the spouse. Thanks to your gentle and professional work, I began to trust her husband, when he often seemed to me earlier under false pretenses, or leave of absence from work is delayed. Thank you!


I want to express the agency "Private detective Zaporozhye" thanks for checking my car for the presence of "bugs." Thank you for having discovered the device in time, otherwise my car is stolen, and would have been resold, and it is not cheap. Good luck and success to you. And lots of satisfied customers!


I would like to express my gratitude to the agency, which helped me to establish that in a living space, I decided to buy was a "no sale". Sellers seemed to me honest, but in fact turned out to be banal swindlers. The apartment turned out to have been prescribed two minors, and in the official papers to sell, they have not been written! What kind of problems I would have received by buying that wretched apartment, it is difficult to imagine. Once again - thank you.

Sergei Stepanovich

I want to commend the staff of "Private Detective Kiev" for assistance in the delicate matter - the establishment of paternity. After an appeal to the agency, the examination was carried out as soon as possible. Thanks for your help, I managed to make the expertise za14 days and I was able to prove his paternity.


I thank your staff for the prompt assistance in the search for a friend - I lost it after demobilization from the Soviet army still. We saw a very long time, the last time in 1989 or 1990. They found it far abroad, overseas. Once again, heartfelt thanks and good luck to you.


I want to say thank you and express my gratitude for having clarified the situation in a timely manner in my particular case, and saved me from investing in a money-losing venture initially.

Anna Mikhaylovna.

I began to suspect that my 15-year-old daughter got in touch with a bad company. She later came home with the smell of alcohol and tobacco. Talking with her was impossible. So I decided to contact the detective agency "Private detective Kiev" with a request for verification of her life. How do I went - in time turned to you with this request, because it could have ended in failure. But nothing happened, the daughter returned to the family. Thank you!


Thank your staff to restore information lost from the hard drive of my laptop, not even hoping to restore it back.


Thank you thanks! For small data you have extracted all the necessary information. It's a miracle! I advise everyone that if a difficult situation, contact an expert. I hope you put this review on your site.


I asked the staff of the agency, having lost hope of tracing their car. The car was stolen, and there was almost no hope to find it. After the application has been almost three months. I was sure that the car was never found, but here on the advice of his friends decided to go into your detective agency. And how great was my surprise when, in the shortest time my car was discovered at the other end of Ukraine! Thank you for the promptness and professionalism!


Thanks for the great professionalism in dealing with my problems with debt repayment. The information you provide was complete and accurate. I wish you success and good luck in his future work.


Thank you. Do you work real professionals, reasonable prices for services. Be sure to recommend your agency to your friends, if they are in a difficult situation.

Michael L.

Thank you for helping me with the return of a large debt. I will be happy to recommend experienced professionals as your friends.


Your staff helped me resolve a difficult and delicate situation in life. Do you have a close-knit team of like-minded professionals. Once again - thank you very much.

Ruslan B.

Once again I realized that you should always refer to these professionals. He was trying to figure out what the son after school, but it has not brought results. Thanks to the staff of your agency learned that he went to school just something to aikido and yoga, but feeling like an adult, I did not want to notify. Thank you for current information. And you know: drugs, questionable ties and interests ...

Oleg K.

Recently had to turn to for help: having trouble with the staff. As I expected, a number of accounting employees robbed at the company large sums of money. Thank you staff for the timely help for the identification of the true state of affairs with the polygraph. It is a pity that on the basis of these data stunning polygraph is not possible to apply them to court.

Olga Kravchuk

Interested in investing in one of the firms. It would seem, given reports were true, but something inside was worried. Intuition, I guess. Learn more about this company was nowhere. So I decided to apply to employees of detective agencies. As it turned out I was right. Thank you for saving my saved.


For a long time doubted, before turning to you for help. But just two days after the full-time meeting, discussing my problem, I appeared as the expected results. Do not regret that appealed to you - one with a problem I can hardly cope.


I have a complicated business, and I need specialists of the highest caliber and integrity, therefore requires a special method of selection. Thanks for your help in solving the problems with the staff, for the effective use of technical means (eg, the polygraph). In the formation and development of my company you will also have contributed.


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