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Volnjansky detective agency in Zaporozhye region to date operational. Life situations contribute to the fact that many citizens today are their problems in a private detective agency " Private detective Kiev" as law enforcers remain powerless in solving them. Many cases are assigned to us was a personal one , so for them can take only a private detective. This is especially true in cases where it is necessary to avoid publicity .
Thus, Volnyansk gave an excellent stimulus for the development of the city detective work . Note that for us often turn customers due to the fact that they became suspicious , as if it changes the spouse . In this case, the detective must either confirm that there are a lover or a mistress , or refute it.

Identification of infidelity husband or wife with the help of our expert is usually based on the organization of surveillance of the object. This may be surveillance with the use of modern photography. This approach not only helps to identify changes , but its documentary zafiksirovanna . In providing detailed picture no traitor not wriggle . The photo can be sealed with the wrong husband or wife . Treason husband or wife will be " presented to " the client only after when our people will produce irrefutable evidence. His fantasies we keep to themselves.

All the activities we carry out confidential. Yet it should be noted that often precedes a divorce cheating women or men . Indeed infidelity have a devastating effect on family relationships. To protect yourself in the future from this , you need to initially select the person to whom treachery is alien . To do this, we have such a service as a test of loyalty . Thus, our dummy object will try to persuade him to change a person close to the client . If he survives, then , is true to you and do not allow yourself to betrayal of principle.

In some cases, it is also possible photo and video surveillance in Volnjansky . It is used in cases when you need a specific violation or offense to fix the dynamics of development. This is usually denounced industrial spies or extortionists . The method used in the journalistic investigation .
It is also understood that gives very good results as surveillance of the man , the wife , husband . For the man on the phone , by the way , can also be traced . Even the control of incoming and outgoing phone calls history of man - it is a powerful tool to search for people .

In addition, we wanted people to spend Volnjansky . Organize a search for relatives or friends who have disappeared in the truest sense of the word, and those with whom contacts previously stopped. That's the last we mainly doing. It should be understood that most clients have not particularly rich data. We often put a specific task : to find a man by the name , set the address on the phone or find a person by phone number. This is not exactly an easy task , but on databases phone numbers of people to leave their footprint is quite real. We also have a separate database , which allows you to search for people by name. Here the situation is complicated by the huge number of full namesakes are to be verified. But it's real.

Collection of information about a person in Volnjansky involves the formation of the dossier , which includes all the necessary information for the client . This is usually personal or biographical information , information about the place of work or study , and more.

Antiproslushka and testing facilities to detect eavesdropping devices are usually needed to entrepreneurs or businessmen . It can listen to them , introducing bugs . That bug is today considered a universal device for wiretapping . To find it , you need a special thorough search . Detect wiretapping cell phones, cars or other premises are our experts .

Today in Volnjansky available as a lie detector . It polygraph test shows good results in those cases where it is extremely important to know the truth if he is told . Such a device can not be fooled .

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