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Today, the inhabitants of the town Gulyaypole have the opportunity to take advantage of quality and skilled detective services. It runs a detective agency "Private detective in Kiev", which provides a full range of services. Our private detective has experience in combination with the most modern technical equipment gives astounding results. Therefore detective agency since the early days of functioning has won the respect of the townspeople. What distinguishes us from the police? First of all, it is a result of the interest and the protection of the interests of the client. All services are confidential and as expeditiously as possible, which is also powerful for our customers.

But most of all attracted by our customers in Gulyaypole those services to provide greater than no one, except the detective is not going anywhere. First of all we are talking about such services as identifying the betrayal of her husband or wife. All are well aware of the issue and scrupulousness crave to present adultery kept for seven locks. Of course, who would like to that spouse is cheating on him , he knew the yard or the city. This is especially true of small towns, such as Gulyaypole. Agree, there is nothing pleasant that your loved one " was got " a mistress or lover.

By the way, in most cases, just to provoke a divorce cheating women or men, for which data are now available to the masses. Our specialist will organize an investigation or surveillance provided complete privacy. Can be tested as husband and wife. Treason husband or wife, the detective identified, will help bring the traitor to clean water without publicity. This is very important if you decide to keep the family together. To see whether you can change the lover, testing may be performed on loyalty. This is a particularly effective method that gives an opportunity to understand whether it is peculiar to the nature of man. At least it's better than self- organize nervotrepayuschuyu spying on someone 's wife, husband, lover over the phone, after all. Such a thing is better to trust the person who can find the true facts.

Photo and video surveillance is used in a number of cases where it is put on the line fixation important for the customer on the part of the object of surveillance. These are the same treason, industrial espionage or theft, crimes of a criminal nature, and much more. By the way, this service is one of the most successful. Particularly challenging is the collection and information about the person. Our spies can dig up all the necessary information to the client: personal information, biography, financial condition, family ties, character, aspirations, interests.

In recent years, particularly popular lie detector. Today, polygraph testing is possible in Gulyaypole. It is based on the study of nerve impulses by which the device will judge whether the words of the test person 's true or fiction.

Checking the premises to identify the bug is carried out by specialists of the agency with the latest models of scanning devices, the purpose of which - look bugs bugs. We can add that the bug is usually mounted competitors or people who are interested in tapping. To protect themselves against information leakage, it should take care of atiproslushke. For this it is necessary to organize a special search to find wiretapping cell phones or premises in the course of which can experienced people.

Search of people our detective agency also conducts. Unlike the police, we organize a search for relatives with whom you just stopped talking, or the existence of which is not even known before. In this case, customers usually have only a couple of facts. Before we often make the task of finding a person by phone number, find by name or set the address on the phone. In this case our database will help. Find people by name, as well as database searches phone numbers of people is not an easy task. However, at times when no other data, even tattered book person with a recorded telephone number before helping to track a person.

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