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Residents of the town Canopies know firsthand what it means to live in constant fear for their lives after being here for years wielded Sergey Tkach, which account for more than one ruined soul. In addition, they know what is unfair and biased investigation, because the crimes "Pology murderer" has been convicted at least seven people. Therefore, our detective agency "Private detective in Kiev" , which not so long ago took under his wing and canopies, the townspeople do not pass by. From our side we guarantee them an objective and competent investigation and the full protection of the interests of the client. Private detective in the canopy will sort out confusing and complicated cases, setting the real culprit of any crime. In addition, our detective agency has a significant advantage in the form of a range of services that are not of a criminal nature.

For example, the identification of betrayal of her husband or wife. In fact, infidelity is a fairly common phenomenon. However, if one spouse changes the other, from the society, he can get a moral judgment . In reality, the police do not come with the application to determine whether there is a lover of his wife. On this point there can really twist his temple. But the scope of the detective gets a piquant moment . Our experts will offer the client by setting the secret surveillance or surveillance, to identify extremely faithful to your husband or wife. Treason husband or wife will be set if any. The client does not get his hands on the bare words of the detective, and the real facts.

Moreover, we know, because of what is most often a divorce. Betrayal of men or women leads to this in the vast majority. To keep this from their customers in the future, we propose to use the service test of loyalty. This simple method of testing will show whether your lover can go for treason. Many have already managed to open my eyes to people that intends to link the fate. Also in cases of suspected infidelity customer may be offered a lie detector, which is now available in the canopy. To do this, just to achieve the consent of a partner, so he answered your question when you connect to the machine with an absolute guarantee that distinguishes truth from lies, as if people did not hide it. However, the polygraph test can be applied in other cases related to the need to establish the truth.

Modern equipment also contributes to the widespread popularity of detective services such as photo and video surveillance. It gives the most impressive results, and allows you to document the important and major events taking place in the surveillance of a person, wife, husband. Over the phone right person is also possible to control when there are significant reasons for this.

As the police, we conduct search of people, but while having a lot of advantages. First, we are not bound by the law, which requires a certain time to wait for a moment of loss, in order to get on the trail of a missing person. Second, we are ready to deploy the search for relatives or friends with whom you have previously dispersed. We are guaranteed to help the client to find the last name of your specific person find a person by phone number or address set on the phone. There is a special database. Just note that the search for people by name, as well as database searches phone numbers of people is quite voluminous and painstaking task. However, our spies even on the basis of telephone man currently deployed an effective investigation.

Gathering information in the canopy allows you to "dig" a wide range of personal information about a person of interest to the client. Canopies are the least and the small town, but this precaution as antiproslushka, relevant for local businessmen. Bugs can trap people anywhere. Moreover, self- detect the bug is unrealistic. Checking the premises to identify the bug should be undertaken with the necessary scanning equipment. They are equipped with our people who can quickly to take up the search. Detect wiretapping cell phones or space to them - a usual thing.

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