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Our detective agency "Private detective in Kiev" took control of the town of Smith in the Zaporozhye region. Now an experienced and qualified private investigator is available for its citizens. This greatly contributes to establishing a favorable climate in Smith, because there detective agency provides a full set of detective services, which is the main criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and confidentiality. Our efficiency is measured by the number of successful investigations, which is the main stimulus for the material interest of specialists.

The city Orehov We have been providing the same services as the official law enforcement agencies. In this case, we are interested not in the banal disclosure of the case, and in the full protection of the interests of the client. In addition, we offer the citizens to use the services that are specific detective character.


Identification of infidelity husband or wife is purely detective service. For my practice, we know that changes to its partners the lion's share of the spouses. In an era of substantial prejudice to the moral values of the word lover or mistress embarrassed, perhaps, only those who had a chance encounter with their occurrence in the life of the beloved. We also know that the self- surveillance of the man, the wife, husband, for the phone lovers usually brings little results. A man under all the emotions can not take quite as it really is. The right thing to entrust such a scrupulous business person who knows how to properly identify treason.

This can usually be shadowing our detective that includes surveillance. Its object is caught being unfaithful husband or wife. Treason husband or wife, is set during the observation of a few days. In addition, our spies will provide all known facts, not speculation and assumptions. The client can also be offered testing for loyalty. It consists in choosing the right person who will deliberately seduce your lover. Believe me, if adultery is not alien to him, this method will reveal this. You do not have to wait for the emergence of this love triangle. Note also that often provokes a divorce cheating women or men. To prevent this for yourself, we recommend that such testing be conducted before tying her life with a man.

Photo and video surveillance

This service allows you not only to trace the specific person or group of people, but also documented by digital photo or video carriers fact they commit a certain act. This is one of the most effective and efficient services. With her help, we bring to light people committing crime, moral or labor disturbances.

Collection of information

This service order customers who need to gather as much information about a particular person. It could be biographical and personal data, contacts, family ties, the data on property ownership. The report is available in the framework agreed with the client.


Experienced business people, government officials or businessmen are well aware that this information leak. It is these people, as a rule, accompanied by bugs, deftly exposed competitor. Find a small and inconspicuous bug - something out of science fiction.

Checking the premises to identify the bug is carried out by our experts using the latest technological devices. We will carry out real-time search, discover wiretapping cell phones, premises or auto for us is not difficult.

Lie detector in Orehov

Checking the polygraph gives guaranteed results to determine the composition of the truth in the words of man.
Search of people

We carry not only the search for relatives who disappeared in the truest sense of the word. Our experts know how to find a person by phone number, find the address on the phone to find a person by the name of the absence of other data. In this case, the magic wand is our database, which makes it possible to search for people by name. Some information can also dig through databases phones. A listing of telephone person can put on his trail.

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