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Detective agency in Tokmak more recently a reality. Life situations have forced many residents to go with their problems in a private detective agency, because the police in their decision to remain powerless. In addition, the private detective does not only criminal matters. Most of the cases assigned to him are actually in a frank personal and exclude the possibility of exposure.

Therefore Tokmak gave impetus to the active detective work. Most often, the detective in Tokmak appeal on the grounds that the alleged changes to the client spouse. The task of the detective agency "Private detective in Kiev" is to identify or refute the fact of change. Identification of infidelity of a spouse, usually involves the establishment of surveillance of the object. Adultery, if present, will be detected and fixed detective. We are not on personal speculation, we conclude there is a lover or a mistress in the second halves of the client, but on the real facts. Then the facts available to the customer. As a rule, it is a documentary photo, where present in the moment of betrayal, cheating husband or wife. Treason husband or wife will never be made public. All events are held in the strictest confidence.

According to experts, most often precedes the divorce cheating women or men. In the future, do not expose yourself to this, you need to know for sure whether your partner to change. To do this, we are able to offer such a service as a test of loyalty. During her dummy object will be tested in every possible way to seduce a man. If it is characterized by treachery, he probably " be led " if the alien - reject such hints. This service enables people sometimes just to take another look at their other half, and change his plans for her .

Is also a very popular photo and video surveillance in Tokmak, which allows us to trace the man, as well as document the specific violations or acts committed by him. Surveillance using modern cameras can qualitatively spend this kind of detective investigation, leaving unnoticed while. The reasons for his conduct can serve anything.

Naturally, the focus is on fixing the events and was a man of the study of life. So were removed to clean water, industrial spies, corrupt, or people who commit bad deeds. Keep in mind that the highest-quality results are achieved is shadowing the man, wife, husband. For the man on the phone, if you wish, you can also set the control which will be effective as a complete history of the telephone man.

We also carry out search of people in Tokmak. This can be a search for relatives or friends who have gone missing, and those with whom they just lost contact. Fortunately, the last we engaged more often than the first. Typically, our clients are eager to find people with whom quite a close relationship in the past. Of course, they can have quite a bit of information about the desired object. Before the detective could be the following task: to find a named person, or find a person by phone number to find his address on the phone. To say that this problem is an easy one - you can not, at the same time, it is solved. We have our own database, based on which we carry out a people search by last name. Database phone numbers of people we can get out on the trail .

Collection of information about a person may involve the creation of the dossier, which would include all the necessary information for the client. Most often it is a personal or biographical data, the position of study, work, place of residence, and the like.

Checking the premises to identify the bug and antiproslushka is usually carried out at the request of employers who suspected that they overheard, spreading bugs. Today is a universal bug listening device, the detection of which implies a qualified search. Detect wiretapping cell phones also can our experts.

Today in Tokmak available polygraph. Checking the polygraph is used in cases where it is important to reliably know the truth if the man says

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