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Enerhodar gladly accepted the emergence of detective agencies to provide services. Such a profession as a private detective is an honorable and popular Energodar. Our detective agency "Private detective in Kiev" has gained respect among the citizens because of the quality of services provided. Today, we can safely say that the detective agency in Energodar people are not treated less often, than to law enforcement agencies. And all because of a wide range of detective services.

Search of people

Our detectives quickly seek out men as if criminal element in their loss, as well as in its absence. We do not wait until the pass three days since the disappearance of the person, and on the heels set its location . We also carry out search of relatives with whom were not established or lost connection. The same applies to former colleagues , classmates or acquaintances with whom you have previously been in a relationship, but the time you bred to different corners.

It happens that customers want to find people by placing the most scarce data. Our experts under the force of a people search by name, by phone databases, and people. In fact, to find a person by phone number is not too difficult. Moreover, for the strength of our specialist reconstruct the full history of the telephone man, which will reflect all the phone contacts. It is also possible to find the address of the phone. Real and find a man by the name when no other data. In this case our database will be used by the data. However, you must understand that in this case, the search can be complicated, because we have to check for a wide number of people. Experienced spies even with a minimum of information you will be given a positive result. However, this fact has a greater effect on search time and cost of services.

Gathering information Energodar

This service involves the collection of personal information about a person that may contain personal information, physical address, and registration, the facts of the biography, the existence of marriage, criminal records, legal problems or financial institutions. Information may also include a sister circle, information on the property owned by the person, his or her income, interest, and other important customer evidence.

Lie detector Energodar

Checking the polygraph is perhaps one of the most reliable ways to check the truth if you say a particular person. For this it is necessary to obtain a consensus.


This service is one of the most sought-after in the first place because of its efficiency and the quality of the data. Covert photo and video surveillance can be used in a variety of situations that involve fixation events. Thus identify traitors, traitors, or discipline violators of the law. In all these cases, the fixation is possible due to a significant breakthrough in the production of such equipment , which allows for monitoring and accurately record events from a safe distance. Is often used as a secret surveillance of the man, the wife , husband. For the man on the phone, by the way, also, if desired, can be traced. For example, you can take control of incoming or outgoing calls .


Enerhodar , among other things, the "glory" of its competitive struggle between business structures, which are often used for the production of all kinds of bugs valuable information about the activities of competitors. This causes significant harm to the enterprise. Just check the premises to identify the bug can ensure that sensitive data does not fall to a competitor. We will identify and dismantle the bug, quickly organized a search. Detect wiretapping cell phones also not a problem in Energodar.

Identification of infidelity of a spouse

Adultery - a fairly common phenomenon these days, which suffers as husband and wife. Treason husband or wife does irreparable harm to the family. Often provokes a divorce cheating women or men. To determine whether the changes you significant other, if she has a lover or a mistress, can our specialist. Except for the surveillance testing can be applied to the faithful. It is aimed at the study of the human capacity to change.

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