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  • Collection of information

Only fifteen or twenty years ago to gather information about a person leaving sometimes months or even years. Because to get any important and necessary information, it was necessary to "personal" presence. Many took time for observation, surveillance, searches, etc. Collection of personal data in the context of current realities, greatly facilitates the Internet, the introduction and use of high technology. Of course, risk and adventure stories became a little less, but the effectiveness of measures aimed at how to verify a person has increased considerably.

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Our private agency invites interested citizens to collect personal information in Kiev and other regions, including the state abroad. We are fully able to hold a series of events, using modern techniques to "break a person." Now the citizen in order to obtain the necessary information about someone (business partner, a potential spouse, the person or company that may be common affairs, etc.) there is no need "to break" in the door, which, with the help of our agency can be easy to open. For example, you are interested in any criminal past. How do you know about the criminal record (or lack thereof)? We can help you to make inquiries on this subject, thus freeing the client from having to waste time, or settle for speculation, and personal assumptions.

However, it should be remembered that the collection of personal data about a person, whether its address by phone number in Zaporozhye or more private information, we carried out in accordance with the norms and practices of detective work. Highly qualified staff have operational development, make up, if necessary, plan events, share their data sources. The services the agency is thorough check of the information on the object of interest, collection and refinement data, authentication is provided by the person information about yourself.

Our help will be useful to those customers who would like to collect information about a person, but for some reason do not have the opportunity to apply to the formal structures. For our part we guarantee complete confidentiality of the fact that appeal to us for help and the results of the search for information.

Collection of personal data and personal information may include a specification of personal data, facts, biography, contact information, address, registration and actual residence, information on the ownership of property and various investment assets. If necessary, may establish a circle of relatives and communication, interests, information about income, in general, much more relevant and useful information. Practicing personal style of working with clients, we are under the existing laws, provide you with all the information, while respecting your treatment behind the scenes, as well as banking, medical, commercial and other secrets you're interested person.

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